Moyler’s Marvellous Menopause®

There’s a common misconception that a woman’s menopausal years will be miserable. We are conditioned to believe that the only thing ahead of us is hot flushes, weight gain, anxiety and joint pain. But I’m here to bust that myth wide open and reassure you that I can help with menopause symptoms so that you have a genuinely marvellous menopause!

Moyler’s Marvellous Menopause®

Help with menopause symptoms

Your menopause may start when you are as young as 35, and if you are 40 or over, you WILL be perimenopausal.

By this stage of life, most women’s plates are full. We might be juggling children, teens or young adults, partners, pets, homes and busy careers. And, as women, we are often preconditioned to put everybody else’s needs before our own. So, when we start to get symptoms associated with menopause, we might ignore them or just put up with them.

How do I know this? Because it could have been me.

Turning menopause on its head!

As a women’s wellness coach, I have a true desire to foster lives full of energy, vitality, health and happiness. This desire is genuine, not just for my clients but also for me. As I nudged past forty-five, there was no way I was going to let hot flushes get the better of me; I decided I was going to have a marvellous menopause. And so, I did what I always do and armed myself with knowledge.

I have spent the last two years studying and training in this area; I understand how to support you, and I can help with menopause symptoms from which you may be suffering

How we do it

I say ‘we’ because you and I will conquer your menopause together. We’ll use the three pillars of wellness; lifestyle, nutrition and movement to ensure you have a truly marvellous menopause.

Yes! Managing your menopause really can be as simple as adopting a healthy and balanced diet and following an enjoyable and appropriate exercise programme. But that doesn’t mean eating less or working out harder. It means eating the nutrients you need and getting the correct exercise to support you through this phase of your life.

The first steps

I offer all new clients a pre-screening 15-minute discovery call. After this, if you decide we’re a good fit, I’ll ask you to book a full woman’s health screening session to help me understand your current and previous health and lifestyle. We will review your sleep, daily movement, hydration, diet, mood, and how you exercise.
After this, I will work with you to create a bespoke programme to help with menopause symptoms. During the Moyler’s Marvellous Menopause® programme we will consciously and selflessly focus on you.

Have some questions? Check out my FAQ’s here.

A word on HRT

HRT provides many health benefits and may help you manage anxiety, night sweats and brain fog, to name a few symptoms. That said, whether you are taking HRT or not, you will still benefit from Moyler’s Marvellous Menopause® programme.

As a women’s wellness coach, I have a valuable black book of contacts and professionals within my industry. I am always happy to guide you to trusted and qualified resources and people to explore HRT.

Ready to get started?

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Have some questions?

Book a pre-screening 15 minute discovery call via Zoom

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Leave me blank please

What are the symptoms?

There are at least 34 Menopause symptoms. These range from rage, to anxiety, cold flushes, hot flushes, tearfulness, burning mouths, electric shocks, dry skin, dry eyes, dry vulva and vagina, itchiness, achy joints, poor sleep, palpitations, incontinence, UTIs, painful sex, memory loss, brain fog, erratic behaviour…

Many women do not realise they are perimenopausal as they see their symptoms as isolated things. The best way to understand if you are going through perimenopause is to track your symptoms. You can do this by filling in the Greene Climacteric Scale or by using an App like Balance by The Menopause Doctor.

Am I too old/too young?

The average age of Menopause is 51.

Menopause is ONE DAY. It’s the day you have not had a period in 12 months.

If you are over 35 you may be perimenopausal.

If you are over 40, you most certainly will be. So never let anyone tell you, you are too young.

How do I address my symptoms?

HRT is one of the best ways to address many symptoms. However I know not all women can or want to go down this path. I would encourage you to keep an open mind and take time to research the options available to you.

This is also the time to review what else you can improve in your life to affect your menopause symptoms and alleviate them.

Mindset is so important and this is why I created Moyler’s Marvellous Menopause® to help women like me, going through the menopause to tackle it with knowledge, confidence and a positive mindset

As part of my bespoke programme tailored for you, we will go through and review all of these aspects to aid you to become in charge of your own menopause.

How do I access HRT?

Your GP is your starting point.

Before you contact them, I would encourage you to do your research to help them work with you.

Read the NICE guidelines on Menopause.

Track your symptoms and take those with you to share.

Explain you have read the NICE guidelines and understand the pros and cons of HRT.

Who can/cannot take HRT?

HRT may not be suitable if you have a history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer or womb cancer, have a history of blood clots, have untreated high blood pressure – your blood pressure will need to be controlled before you can start HRT.

If you have any of these then I encourage you to read the various factsheets on these topics in the Balance App/website to understand what your options are and discuss them with your GP.

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