Personal Training

Do you struggle to know what exercises to do during the different phases of your life, whether that’s pregnancy, post-surgery or menopause?

Do you want to feel stronger and more mobile as you move through and beyond menopause?

Do you want to be able to lift your own luggage up the stairs without having to ask for help now and as you get older?

Do you want to support your mental health by being more active and having the support in place to keep you accountable?

For many years women have exercised to change the way we look.

It’s taken me years to realise it’s about how exercise makes me FEEL not only in my body but mentally that is key.

I specialise in supporting women with their health and lifestyle goals which include weekly training sessions, nutrition advice and reviewing your ‘lifestyle laundry’.

I am really passionate about women getting into exercise for their mental health as opposed to purely their physical health for the gains, not the losses.

Women are juggling many balls and their own physical and mental health takes a low priority, so self-care forms the foundation of my support to my clients.

My private studio is in my home setting to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.

Personal training sessions are £50 per hour. I offer a variety of payment plans to suit you.

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Initial 90 Minute Consultation  | £75

Block of 10 Sessions | £500 in full or installments

12 Months of Personal Training | £150 per month

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15 Minutes

Noelle is positive, friendly and approachable, and knows how to push you just enough in an exercise session so you make progress, challenge yourself, maybe ache a bit the next day, but don’t feel like it’s way too much. I feel like I’ve made so much progress with her, and feel fitter, healthier and more confident. I’ve been attending sessions with Noelle since September 2019, and I would highly recommend her. We work hard, but we have fun, and I can honestly say I really look forward to my weekly class with her, which is not something I would ever have imagined myself to say about an exercise class!

Gwen B.

I’ve been working closely with Noelle for the past 8 weeks and I’m a changed woman! I’ve tried so many ‘diets’ over the years and it’s been so refreshing to have complete guidance around foods, advice on the best foods to eat (and eating lots!) that keep me feeling full, increase my energy levels and still lose weight! I’m in a good place with a focus to succeed and change my habits to ensure I achieve my long term weight goals, all because of this lovely lady! She’s extremely knowledgeable, helpful and supportive, I’d highly recommend her!

Lynsey W.

Noelle is excellent, very flexible and supportive and she has helped me a lot. I
Chose to do the one to one classes and I have liked them so much that I’m going to do another set.

Sue H.

Noelle is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Some women find things embarrassing to talk about (not that we should) but Noelle takes that embarrassment away.
I asked her a “quick” question and she wouldn’t answer it as she needed additional information to be able to provide a helpful answer. So she asked further questions and then provided a helpful, caring and informative answer.
Thank you Noelle for taking the time to understand the problem and for caring about the answer. Highly recommended.

Debbie H.